Elder Liston McEachron is the pastor of the Lighthouse Tabernacle Church in Mississauga, Ontario. He was ordained as a minister of the gospel 24 years ago and has completed his Masters of Theology degree from Parkersburg Bible College, West Virginia, in 1993. He worked as an associate minister and Bible College instructor at Mount Zion Apostolic Church and Bible College in Toronto for over 12 years.


Elder McEachron also served as the pastor and missionary, to a new church that he started and constructed in Dominica, West Indies Pastor McEachron is also a founding member of the Canadian Apostolic Ministries (CAM), established in 1999. CAM is a national association of Apostolic Pentecostal churches and ministers across Canada. He currently serves as Vice President of Operations and also as one of CAM's current Board of Directors.


Pastor McEachron graduated from Ryerson University, Toronto, in 1988 with a Bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering. He has been employed at one a Toronto's premier hospital for over 22 years in the field of Biomedical Engineering.


He is celebrating 22 years of marriage to Sheron McEachron and is the proud father of three very active boys.




To see men and women, whose lives have been transformed by the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ, become disciples of Christ and kingdom workers to build God's kingdom, in every walk of life.



The Lighthouse Tabernacle Church is established to advance and spread the gospel and teachings of the Lord Jesus Christ by:

1. Making disciples

2. Strengthening families

3. Cultivating Christian fellowship

4. Perfect Godly worship

5. Developing leaders. Evangelism

7. Providing community support


The Church has adopted a Triple "E" Approach to strengthen its mission. They are:

  • Edify - Imparting the knowledge of God's word, in a systematic way, to affect change

  • Equip - Preparing and furnishing members for ministry

  • Empower- Assign and entrust leaders with responsibilities for kingdom work