God has equipped the church with various gifts so that we can strengthen each other and build the Kingdom of God.


1st Corinthians 12:28 - And God hath set some in the church, first apostles, secondarily prophets, thirdly teachers, after that miracles, then gifts of healings, helps, governments, diversities of tongues.



Prayer is an essential part of any believer's relationship with God. Anyone wishing for personal prayer meetings in their homes can contact any member of the church. A team from the church will be glad to sit and pray with you and your family. 



The men's group at Lighthouse was established with the need to build the character of men in the church community. Annually, they go on a Men's Retreat. Whether it's Bible Studies or hiking in the woods, the men of Lighthouse are determined to take their rightful position in the Kingdom of God; growing spiritual and creating strong friendship.



Sunday School serves as a connecting point for many of the ministry efforts of the Church. Christian education through Sunday School has helped to mold, change and affect lives of our youths and many adults.

Our Sunday School Ministry team is committed to providing you with the resources, support and training necessary for developing members of our congregation in Christ through discipleship and Christian maturity.

One of the main objectives of Sunday School at Lighthouse Tabernacle is to give our youths a Godly focus. We believe when our youths receive Godly influences and a sound Christian education from an early age, we can better harness their potentials to offer hope for our communities. 


Lighthouse Tabernacle has a vibrant group of young people. However, facing various challenges in today's society of constantly changing values and peer pressures demands spiritual fortitude. As a young warrior, David fought many battles and was able to overcome with God's leading and direction. The spiritual challenges and battles our youth faces every day are sometimes life's worst enemies. These enemies can be subdued when we are totally committed to God in all our ways. As Warriors for Christ, we are proud to tell the world that, like David, we will equip ourselves through the word of God, and follow hard after his commandments.

Our vision is to touch the lives of other youths in our community and help them to see that there is a better life in Christ. 


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The women of Lighthouse are an exceptionally vibrant group. Not only do women ensure that the fund raising activities are happening week-to-week, they are some of most earnest prayer warriors and spiritual counsellors. Not to be outdone, the women also take an annual retreat. The blessings of the retreat is evident in the continual friendship that they share.



Lighthouse's involvement in the community includes volunteering with charity organizations, including Knights Table in Brampton, singing for Seniors at Nursing homes and providing food to families in need.


The church is constantly looking for more ways to help the community.