“I want to give God thanks for blessing me through my academic pursuits!" - Nathan

“God has shown me that He loves me more than anyone else!" - E.

“God has been at the center of my academic life and my health. He has delivered me through many trials in those parts of my life, and He never ceased to remind me who He is and who I am to Him." - D

"I never understood the favour of God until I graduated high school. God has opened doors for me in college. I always had a job, every summer, to help pay for the upcoming tuition. And even after I graduated college I received a job in my field, not even a week after. God has come through for me time and time again, all I have to do is trust in Him. These experiences have given me a firm foundation that no matter my future, no matter the obstacle, He is in my corner. I don't have to worry or fear about what my life would look like, as long as I keep Him in the center and I focus my gaze and my actions on His holiness. Jesus will provide and bring me through!" - Tarique